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01 — Lettering
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Hooray, it’s May.

2017/05, Lettering *2

may lettering

My monthly letteringchallenge and the outcome for May. Click to see the project on Instagram or scroll down to see the result of April.

Hello lovely April.

2017/04, Lettering *1

april lettering

I am constantly trying to improve my lettering skills. Therefore I set up a personal lettering challenge to do at least one lettering a month. Here is the outcome of the first month. Click to see the project on Instagram.


2016/09, Bookbinding

detail bookbinding detail bookbinding detail bookbinding detail bookbinding detail bookbinding detail bookbinding detail bookbinding

I am a real paper and book lover. Therefore, besides writing and designing my bachelor’s thesis, I also did the bookbinding all by myself. As it was my very first big bookbinding project it felt quite hard at the beginning but with every book it got easier and easier and the results got better and better. These are some detail shots of the working process. Click here to see the finished thesis. For preparation I did a workshop @ sous-bois with the lovely Maria from Falz & Vorsatz.


2016/05, Lettering

letteringworkflow dbfs

At my second internship at dbfs they asked me to do a logo redesign for the studio. The new logo should be based on the original idea of the Bauhaus-style but should also look like its 2017. Therefore, I tried a more typographic and elegant approach of the original type bricks. I succeeded! They liked it but it was too serious, typographic an elegant for them, so they made their own redesign a little dirtier and rough as they see themselves. However, I still like this version.

Designing a Schrift

2016/29/04 — 2016/05/01, Workshop @ Wei sraum Tyrol with Rainer E. Scheichelbauer

detail detail detail detail

I had a really great 3-day-workshop at Wei sraum Tyrol. Here are some details of my very first approaches of doing a typeface or at least some letters — hopefully someday it will become a typeface.

Typo Me

2016/01/26, Exhibition

lebkuchen lebkuchen lebkuchen lebkuchen lebkuchen lebkuchen lebkuchen lebkuchen lebkuchen

As a part of exhibition design, we had to present ourselves in public. Having in mind my upcoming bachelor’s thesis and regarding the fact that many people don’t understand what I am working on, I decided to broaden people’s horizon about typography. I cut out the six letters for “Sabrina” with Lebkuchen dough in the form of Frutiger’s famous font Frutiger and packed the Lebkuchen with postcards. Every letter tells a specific story about Adrian Frutiger and explains an aspect of the intriguing world of typography. I chose him because he was a genius in his field and died only very recently in September 2015. Therefore, this work is also meant to pay homage to him.

Food Icons

2014 — 2015, Illustration

Icons Icons Icons Icons Icons Icons Icons Icons Icons Icons

In summer 2014, I started to work on these flat food icons during my first internship at kombinat Dornbirn, Austria. Getting incredibly fascinated with designing them, I extended the original set of six icons in my leisure time. The icons are still a project in progress as these simple elements as well as the system can easily be adopted to nearly every food item.