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Celebrating »Der erste Eindruck zählt!«

  • Concept, Design, Letterpress printing

  • Paper: Materica Gesso 120 g/m²
  • 40 posters
  • Printed in 6 print runs on a FAG Control 900
  • 46.6 × 70 cm

In order to celebrate the one year publication anniversary of my book Der erste Eindruck zählt! published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt and also to thank all the people that supported me I designed and printed a poster. The poster visualizes the main idea of the book: To make typography less abstract by explaining how typography and communication interfere with each other. Typography defines communication but communications also defines typography. Typography forms communications but communication also forms typography etc. And the most important point: within the rigid rules there is a lot of space for ease and fun.

Printed from hand-cut linoleum and Ludlow slugs.

Limited posters are availabe. Get in contact with me if you are interested.

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