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Der erste Eindruck zählt!
— Das Handwerk der Typografie
verstehen und anwenden

  • Concept, Text, Editorial design

  • Publisher: Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz
  • Thread-stitched Swiss brochure with open spine
  • Printed with two colors
  • 17.2 × 24.5 cm, 160 pages
  • ISBN 978-3-87439-908-1

  • published in October 2020

Writing is an essential part of today’s communication. Our 26 letters enable us to tell stories, capture ideas, share knowledge, and engage in dialogue, much more comprehensively than spoken language alone could. Letters give texts a voice and an intonation. Besides the content every design also communicates values and intentions. A first impression is created immediately, constantly and mostly completely unconsciously. Therefore, it is not only important what is communicated, but also how this text is communicated.

What is typography? What possibilities does it offer and how do I use it effectively? How does reading actually work and how do I design for readers? Der erste Eindruck zählt! (The first impression counts!) provides answers to all these questions. This book is for everybody who is interested in communicating through type. It deals with basic questions about typography, reading and legibility and is designed to inspire you for the typographical craft, make it easier for you to get started in designing with type and to sharpen your typographic sensitivity.

More details can be found here — or get in contact with me.

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