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Apis mellifera

2017, Typography / Editorial

I love the atmosphere of workshops where people from different backgrounds gather as they are interested and motivated to work on one specific topic for a limited amount of time. That’s why I did another great workshop with the Swiss book designer Jost Hochuli. It was a real pleasure to spend five days, receiving inspiring and interesting input concerning book design and typography. The output was a 24-side brochure, including 8 pictures in 3 different sizes, 5 chapters with a set number of characters about a topic of choice.

  • Amount
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Bookbinding
  • Details
  • 5-day-workshop @ tga Vienna with Jost Hochuli
  • “Introduction into book design”
  • 2017/05/03 — 2017/05/09
book cover book inside book first page book inside book detail book inside book inside book credits