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Journey of Hope
— Together and Separate

  • Concept, Text, Poster design
  • Exhibition @ Kunsthaus Graz
  • 2016/01/28—2016/01/31

This is an exhibition I did at the FH JOANNEUM. Due to the debate about incoming refugees at this time (2015/16) I had to make my mind up about what fleeing meant to me personally. Regardless on my standpoint, I had to create a series of three posters. The first two had to symbolize the pro and con side and the third one was to sum up my standpoint concerning both aspects in a 200-word-text.

I focused on a typographic access as it was really difficult for me to find a solution that harms no one. I separated the well-known ligature ampersand based on the fact that only a few people know that this symbol originates from the Latin word “et”. Throughout history it has melted so well that you can hardly recognize. I transferred this idea to people. We could stand separated next to each other and everybody could only care about oneself like the “e” and the “t” in “et”. However, we can also get in touch with each other, create something new and beautiful and someday it will become standard and no one will recognize the origins. It’s up to us. If you are interested in the whole text, you can read it here.

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