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Nice to have you here

I’m a 25-year-old graphic designer and letterlover with a passion for typography, books, branding and paper. As a designer I feel responsible for everything I create. Therefore, I always work with a deliberate concept and well thought out ideas at the back of my mind. Grown up in Vorarlberg, the western part of Austria, I moved to Graz to study Information Design with a major in Communication Design at the FH JOANNEUM. After finishing my bachelor’s thesis in October 2016 I joined dbfs in Salzburg for a year. Now I’m working as a designer at Super BfG in Egg, Vorarlberg.

My daily inspiration — The last sentence of a book. The fragrance of recent fallen snow. The tingling in my fingers. Precise formed Didones. Lovingly elaborated pictographs. The fragrance of an old book, cinnamon and Christmas. Complex and luring patterns. Perfect unified ligatures. Simple nature patterns. Extraordinary paper. The first trace in snow. Strolling in the dusk. Dark chocolate.

Sabrina Öttl