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Vorarlberg and Zurich

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Sabrina Öttl is a graphic designer focusing on typography and books currently doing her Master of Arts in Visual Communication at Zurich University of the Arts and getting her hands dirty with traditional metal and wood type, ink and printing presses at babyinktwice. Also, she has written Der erste Eindruck zählt! a book about the basics of typography and readability for Verlag Hermann Schmidt published in October 2020. For her, typography is the design of language; her work is therefore characterized by well thought out concepts that convey, question and include. Well chosen, set and structured letters are the most effective and easiest way to communicate. Not only in terms of content but also emotionally. Letters are characters and have character to indicate differentiation.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss a project, a collaboration or just want to know more about typography and books.